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Nov 16, 2019

出于减小阅读压力的目的,本文包含中文。但请留意,本网站及 SCIE.PEO 大部分子站点均遵循 English Policy!

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Hi G1s, welcome to your FIRST End Of Semester exam!

To get an A* in the Computer Science, we strongly recommend you to read these notes down by previous students and finish your workbook questions. If you have any question, fell free to contact us through WeChat Official Account sciepro or email admin@scie.pro

To learn more about Computer Science, follow our WeChat Official Account sciepro today!

Good luck!

嗨,G1的新朋友们!欢迎来到你们的第一个期末考试(EOS)!下面是一些来自学长学姐的笔记,我们强烈建议你读一读这些笔记并写一写 Workbook 中的题目。如果你有任何问题(包括且不限于学术问题及关于本网站的问题),请通过微信公众号 sciepro 或邮件 admin@scie.pro 联系我们。

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ONLY a part of Computer Architecture will be in the G1 EOS exam
G1 EOS 考试仅包含 Computer Architecture 的一部分

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