Chapter 9: Ethics and Ownership

Feb 28, 2020

Overview of this chapter:

9.1 ACM / IEEE code fo ethics2
9.2 Copyright3
9.3 Software Licensing

9.1 The ACM/IEEE Software Engineering code of ethics

Ethics concern about right and wrong.
It is the rules of conduct recognized in the computer science profession.

The 8 principles of ACM/IEEE:

  • Public Interest (Central of the ethics)
    • Concerns The health, safety and welfare of the public.
  • Employer
    1. Client and employer. Programmers shall act in the interest of their client and employer.
    2. Product. Products shall be made at highest standards possible.
    3. Management. An ethical approach should take place in software development.
    4. Colleagues. Fair and supportive to collages.
  • Self
    1. Self. Participate in life-long learning.
    2. Judgement. Maintain integrity and independence in professional judgement.
    3. Profession. Should advance in integrity and reputation of the profession.

Examples of breaching the ethics:

  • Powerful companies exerting pressure on weaker companies
  • Concealing a security breach / Does not guarantee security of software made
  • Abusive language on social media

9.2 Copyrights

Copyright: A formal recognition of ownership of a created and publish work.

Copyright involves the process of original thinking, which should be awarded. It is unfair to reproduce work without compensation to the original creator.

Examples of breaches in copyright:

  • Illegal copying of movies (piracy)
  • Photocopying books
  • Recording musics from radio

9.3 Software Licensing

TypeSub-classFree to use?Copyrighted?Can Modify?
a) Commercial SoftwareFormal version
Shareware / Trial ware⏱ Limited
b) Open / Free licensingOpen-Source software
Free Software⚠️ Copyleft.
Modified version Must also be made available
– as the unmodified versions.
Source code unpublished.

Commercial software can be bought on individual copies or site licenses. Reduced price may apply to educational use or earlier versions.

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