About Us

Who Are We?

SCIE Programmers is an official ECA in SCIE, founded in 2018. 

Our aim is simple: 

To serve the SCIE community.


「 We code, as we wish. 」

Our Departments


We provide a complete set of computer science notes to the school. 

They will cover everything you will expect in exams.

The authors are the best, only the best, and nothing but the best. The current team consists of — not one — but TWO top in the year students!

And what’s more, the notes are entirely free!

John (A1)


Head of department

First place, A1 Computer Science

Developing Department

Guess who made BPC’s software? Us!

Guess who made EIC’s software? Us!

Guess who made SFC’s software? 

Yes, it’s still us!

You get the best value out of your every cent here.

Raymond (A1)



Head of Department

Propaganda Department

Every ECA has a propaganda department. 

So do we.

Ekaterina (A1)


Head of department

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